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Axis Neuromonitoring Axis Neuromonitoring

As your expert in interventional neurophysiology, Axis provides what you expect from IONM for each surgery: an onsite technologist and an offsite telemonitoring physician.  We monitor neural pathways effectively throughout a procedure and give the surgeon instant, real-time feedback if response time or intensities change, looking for the earliest signs of hundreds of potentially avoidable complications.  With this input, the surgeon can make any necessary corrections and maintain integrity of the nerves.

Unlike other IONM companies, we exceed surgeons’ expectations during the process of neuromonitoring.  Our technicians are among the best in the field who are trained to spot hundreds of potential issues.  Axis recruits strong, experienced IONM technologists who quickly become great ones with Axis.  This achievement comes through rigorous continuous training.  Our clinical guidelines are amongst those of the highest level in the industry. And, all Axis technologists are members of ASET and are either board certified or pursuant in their CNIM or R.EP T certification from ABRET. Time and again, our technicians’ experience and additional training prove valuable to the surgical team at critical points during surgery. 

The way we operate improves the way you operate. Learn more about Axis Neuromonitoring.

Additionally, we have prepared these materials for surgeons’ interests: