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Axis Neuromonitoring Axis Neuromonitoring

We’re Set Up to Make Work Flow Easier

Hospitals have a lot of moving parts and in some surgeries, that includes your IONM service.  The last thing you want on your mind is tracking down your IONM technician when the surgeon is waiting.  It may sound like basic common sense, but Axis reliably meets our staffing commitments. The way we see it, being a quality business partner means making the surgery go as smoothly as possible, right down to the basics.  In addition, Axis offers easy scheduling with a single 24/7 point of contact for scheduling.

Axis also produces Quality Assurance metrics both on a planned schedule or on request.  Hospitals that work with us know that our reporting and analysis for Quality Assurance is accurate and easily communicated.  Quality Control is an important part of our internal process and thus it is integrated into our regular operations.

Additionally, we have prepared these materials to illustrate our commitment: