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Axis Neuromonitoring Axis Neuromonitoring

We Have the Same Priorities for Quality Assurance

We set a high standard for case review and quality assurance.  Keeping an awareness of the details of a surgical case, the neuromonitoring and the operating room communication assures that all parties are giving patients the best possible care.  Internally, Axis reviews cases for both quality assurance and educational/training purposes.  Our role in keeping the patient as safe as possible is grounded in attention to detail.  That commitment extends through the surgery into quality assurance review.

For our clients, Axis produces quality assurance metrics a planned schedule and on request.  We quickly and easily share information for our clients’ quality assurance needs.  And Axis can be counted on to supply accurate quality assurance information when we are called upon to do so.

Additionally, we have prepared these materials to illustrate our commitment: