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Axis Neuromonitoring Axis Neuromonitoring

Leadership Team

AXIS Neuromonitoring's leadership team is focused on providing the highest quality of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) to the state of Texas.  It is the goal of AXIS Neuromonitoring's leadership team to educate the industry on the benefits of IONM, increase patient safety and reduce cost of care.

Lee Traweek
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lee Traweek brings to the neuromonitoring industry decades of clinical and management experience that allow him to pursue his passion for patient safety, technologist education and industry advocacy within the business of healthcare. A history in medical device sales and operating room technology earned Lee a unique perspective on the possibilities for advancement in patient care and safety.

Seeing a need for education at the bed-side level and with hospitals, payors and others in the healthcare industry, Lee started AXIS Neuromonitoring in 2011 with the goal of providing preeminent neuromonitoring care and industry-wide educational opportunities for all. AXIS Neuromonitoring brings patient-first dedication to the operating room, staffing dependable, dedicated teams to serve patients, physicians and other healthcare team members with integrity, accountability and respect. Outside of the O.R., AXIS Neuromonitoring provides education to IONM technologists from across the country, perioperative nurses, residents and other hospital staff through webinars, online access to education, on-site annual conferences, and other ABRET CEU-approved training.

Lee finds himself an advocate for intraoperative neuromonitoring as a way to help increase patient safety, and works tirelessly to educate physicians, hospital systems, payors, and others in the healthcare industry of the importance of well-trained IONM technologists in better patient outcomes coupled with reduced healthcare costs. 

Joseph Raymond, III

In a company known for innovation in the neuromonitoring healthcare industry, Joseph Raymond is the type of leader who sets an example for others by striving to live up to high personal goals with integrity and drive. Leading by example, Raymond encourages AXIS employees to exceed even the highest expectations, and to set new standards for customer care. His humble nature, strong listening skills and work ethic are cornerstones of his leadership style, which challenges his team while also lifting them up. 

As president of AXIS Neuromonitoring, Raymond sees an opportunity to enhance patient safety and reduce healthcare costs by educating physicians, hospitals and other clinicians on the benefit of skilled intraoperative neuromonitoring technologists working as an integral part of the team in the operating room. Raymond leads advanced technologists that serve patients in markets across Texas, and a company that provides educational support to technologists, hospitals and physicians from across the U.S.

With almost 20 years in the healthcare industry, Raymond has seized the opportunity to make a difference for patients and caregivers, particularly in the fast-evolving neuromonitoring space. As an executive leader with several different diagnostic companies, Raymond has been responsible for growing his businesses by focusing on education, quality, and policy and procedures that make a difference, as well as gain these companies Joint Commission Accreditation and increased bookings. Along with a team member, Raymond was responsible for the completion of the process for the first intraoperative monitoring company in the U.S. to achieve Joint Commission accreditation. From patient care to back-end office systems, Raymond has worked to improve and standardize processes and procedures that allow intraoperative neuromonitoring companies to achieve quality measures and positively impact patient care.

Faisal Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, D.ABNM, FASNM
Vice President of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Jahangiri has performed and supervised over 8,000 surgical procedures in more than 300 hospitals in the United States. He is an experienced surgical neurophysiologist with expertise in IONM as well as interventional procedures, ICU and epilepsy monitoring units (EMU).

After completing medical school and his residencies in general surgery and radiology at Khyber Medical College in Pakistan, Dr. Jahangiri chose Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, OH, for his graduate studies. There he focused on biomedical engineering and primarily researched functional electrical stimulation (FES), EEG and skull-base imaging.

As the VP of Clinical Affairs, he will develop customized programs for surgeons and hospital-based specialty groups. That includes lateral spine procedures, scoliosis programs, neurosurgical centers with computer guidance, MRI and other advanced imaging programs, vascular and IR suite programs, pediatric focused surgical programs and much more. Dr. Jahangiri believes in putting the patient’s needs first by providing the absolute best care possible; which is a philosophy he shares with AXIS Neuromonitoring. Together, AXIS and Dr. Jahangiri hope to better not only the IONM industry but the healthcare industry as well.