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Axis Neuromonitoring Axis Neuromonitoring

AXIS Neuromonitoring provides high quality intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM). During surgery, we monitor the integrity of nerves and neurological responses along neural pathways, helping surgeons identify and protect neural structures.

Neuromonitoring 101

If your surgeon has requested neuromonitoring for your upcoming procedure, you may have questions. Find out what neuromonitoring is and how it benefits your surgery.

Will My Insurance Cover IONM?

There are many different insurance policies with varying coverages. So we’ll help you find out if yours covers IONM. Here’s what you can do to help make the process easier.

Time for Q&A

You don’t have to be an expert in neuromonitoring—that’s our job. However, we have provided some of our most commonly asked questions and their answers for you to read.

The Day of Surgery

To help prepare our patients for their upcoming surgeries, we created this short video. It illustrates the role AXIS Neuromonitoring plays the day of surgery.

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