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What's next for spine care? Notes from an expert

By Admin | September 27, 2022

Long Island, N.Y.-based orthopedic spine surgeon Daniel Choi, MD, believes that the future of spine care not only lies in new technology, but in ASCs. 

Dr. Choi owns his own practice in New York, and is trained in minimally invasive surgical procedures. He completed his spine surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston after receiving his doctorate at Chicago-based Northwestern University. 

While he believes that interbody fusion devices and robotics will take the spine field by storm in the next three to five years, the more efficient and cost effective care at ASCs will help them to stand out over traditional practices. 

"Migration of spine cases to outpatient ASCs is a definite thing that is happening everywhere. It's interesting if you look at the trends for this, a lot of it has to do with geography. If it's better for the patient and more efficient and cheaper for the healthcare system, it should be happening everywhere," Dr. Choi told Becker's. "In Texas, it's common, but in New York, nobody is doing spine procedures in ASCs. That has a lot to do with regulatory rules by healthcare entities that want to...(More)

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