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Virtual Reality and Healthcare

By Admin | September 11, 2017

The future of healthcare puzzles everyone from patients to experts, but one thing we can probably count on is an increase in healthcare gaming.

Virtual reality (VR) technology may still be bulky and imperfect, but it has a promising tomorrow when it comes to training future doctors, clinicians, and more.

VR can become a happy medium for those in med school who right now only have the chance to treat real patients, which can be limiting because they cannot/do not have a wide range of treatable conditions, and lectures, which can be difficult to listen to and lack any real world feeling.

A company called Breakaway, Ltd., has developed a pediatric simulation that teaches and assesses doctors with seven different pediatric emergencies. This sim can allow a doctor or med student to essentially treat a child with seizures without there actually being a suffering child.

For more about how healthcare can change with virtual reality, read “Virtual Reality (VR) Is A Growing Reality In Health Care” by Forbes.

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