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Top-trained Spine Surgeons Provide Free Patient Guide for Artificial Disc Replacement

By Admin | February 08, 2022

AUSTIN, TexasFeb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- If you've been told you have a herniated disc, you probably have been told you need a spinal fusion, which has been the Gold Standard treatment for herniated discs in the neck for decades. That's all changed now, however, as new artificial disc technology has emerged over the last five years making artificial discs the new Gold Standard treatment for disc herniations in the neck. The burden, however, is on the patient to fully research the most advanced treatment for their neck problem. Otherwise, they may be receiving a treatment that causes additional herniations.         


"That advice for a spinal fusion — especially in the neck — may no longer apply," says Eeric Truumees, MD, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Texas Spine and Scoliosis in Austin, Texas, and 2021 president of the North American Spine Society, the largest international group of spine specialists. "The most current spine research from NASS has shown that artificial disc replacement can reduce the need for additional surgery at other levels in the neck," explains Dr. Truumees, also a former editor of the NASS Spine Research Journal. 


"The traditional treatment for herniated discs has been spinal fusion, but with spinal fusion, you are locking two vertebrae together," Dr. Truumees explains. "Research has shown that fusion puts extra stress on the discs above and below which can herniate those discs as well. The new research documents that with an artificial disc, you are preserving motion which lessens the risk to other disc levels. This is especially important in the neck as you only have six disc levels to enable the neck to rotate."

Dr. Truumees is featured in the educational website Those with back and neck problems can now download a free 20-page Patient Guide...(More) 

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