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The Importance of Simulation Training in Healthcare

By Admin | January 21, 2021

Medical education has undergone significant changes during the last decades. One of the reasons for the changes is the concern for patient’s safety, which involves various cases of medical injury and medical malpractices that occurred around the world.

Medical malpractice cases involve patients who have been harmed or injured due to poor medical treatment or mistaken diagnosis from a medical providers such as doctors, nurses, , hospitals, other medical workers and medical device technicians.

One of the ways to enhance clinical competence is through Medical Simulation training. The training has been proven to have many advantages which help improve medical practitioners’ competencies, and in return, improve patient safety and reduce health care costs.

Medical simulation allows the acquisition of clinical skills through hands-on practice rather than an apprentice style of learning. With the recent advancement in technology, simulation tools serve as an alternative to...(More)

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