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The Greatest Living Canadian

By Admin | January 31, 2018

Dr. Wilder Penfield was a pioneer of neurosurgery, having published brain maps in 1937 and 1950 that surgeons still use today. He also created the Montreal procedure, along with his colleague Herber Jasper, which uses electrical probes on a patient’s brain while he or she is awake in order to find the locations of seizure activity.

Penfield’s groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience helped elevate Canada’s status in the worldwide medical community, while offering better lives to those living with epilepsy.

A family man as well as Canada’s first neurosurgeon, Penfield championed the link between brain and behavior while treating his sister’s brain cancer. He was able to add years to her life while performing work that would help countless others into the future.

For more about Dr. Penfield, read “Wilder Penfield: Why Google honours him today” on

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