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Texas hospital that performed 4K+ robotic surgeries adds spine robot

By Admin | April 21, 2022

BEAUMONT, Texas — New robotic technology that’s revolutionizing neurosurgery and orthopedics is coming to CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth.

The hospital has five robots to use for surgeries, three of which are state of the art.

Staff from the hospital created an Easter-themed demonstration to show the accuracy and precision of these machines.


The robots were able to dip and dye eggs, just in time for an Easter egg hunt.

Hospital staff said one of the biggest benefits of the technology is that Southeast Texans won't have to travel to get this same clinical experience.

"This technology allows us to zoom in, make very fine motions, fine movements, and do anything we did as an open procedure 10 times better robotically," said trauma surgeon Dar Kavouspour.

Physicians with CHRISTUS also unveiled its newest neuro-surgical robot, which will soon...(More)

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