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Startup aims to disrupt the robotic spine industry: How will competitors react?

By Admin | July 21, 2022

Two of the biggest drawbacks of legacy spine robots are their size and cost, but one newly formed spine company has launched a system that it argues is more suited to ASCs and hospitals with small operating rooms.

Earlier this year, Accelus — formed when Integrity Implants merged with Fusion Robotics — launched the Remi spine robot, "designed specifically to meet the needs of the ASC," Ernest Braxton, MD, chief of neurosurgery at Vail-Summit (Colo.) Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, said in a July 14 news release.

Remi includes an ultra-lightweight nearfield camera to minimize line-of-sight issues and a robotic targeting platform that surgeons can manipulate before locking in for targeting. Both the camera and targeting platform are attached to the operating room table during surgery and stored in the workstation when not operational, which minimizes Remi's footprint and makes it ideal for use in ASCs, according to Accelus.

Kevin Foley, MD, chief robotics officer at Accelus, said his goal was to develop a platform that exceeds the precision of legacy spine robots and address the well-documented limitations of those systems, such as their...(More)

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