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St. Luke’s neurosurgeons teach high school students about spine surgery

By Admin | February 18, 2022

Students from the Perkiomen School in Pennsburg had an up-close and hands-on lesson in spine surgery Jan. 29, taught to them by St. Luke’s Chief of Neurosurgery Doron Rabin, MD, and Hugh Moulding, MD, Director of St. Luke’s Brain and Spine Tumor Center. Rabin and Moulding dissected cadavers to show the students the muscles, bones, nerves and spinal cord. Students then were able to dissect the preserved torsos with guidance from the physicians. The doctors also described common injuries and diseases of the spine and explained a range of treatment options, including surgery. The day-long cadaver course, taught at the Venel Institute, Bethlehem, was an opportunity for the high school students to try their hands in the simulated “operating rooms” and learn about the training and daily activities of neurosurgeons. The teens are part of the school’s Medical Institute, which gives students interested in Medical and STEM professions opportunities to interact with professionals and provides them with hands-on learning experiences such as the spine cadaver course. This photo shows students observing the procedure...(More)

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