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Spine surgeons create guide to inform patients about artificial disc replacement

By Admin | August 10, 2021

A group of spine surgeons created a patient guide that outlines when a person should consider artificial disc replacement and when to see a physician for herniated disc symptoms.

The guide is featured on the educational website

Artificial disc replacement, or motion-preservation surgery, can reduce the need for additional surgery at other levels in the neck, according to Eeric Truumees, MD, president of the North American Spine Society.

"New research documents that with an artificial disc, you are preserving motion which lessens the risk to other disc levels," Dr. Truumees said in a June 24 news release. "This is especially important in the neck as you only have six disc levels to...(More)

For more info visit, Spine surgeons create guide, by Becker's SpineReview

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