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Spine Center Network: Key thoughts on artificial disc replacement

By Admin | May 21, 2019

A spinal fusion has been the traditional treatment for a herniated disc but Sanjay Jatana, MD, a fellowship-trained cervical spine specialist at a Denver-based spine center within Spine Center Network, says that may no longer be the case.

Dr. Jatana outlines that the latest research from the North American Spine Society shows that artificial disc replacement can reduce the risk of herniations at other levels in the neck.

In a spinal fusion the two vertebrae are locked together, but that fusion puts extra stress on the discs above and below which can result in a second herniated disc caused by the first fusion. With an artificial disc, the rotation of the neck is preserved which reduces the risk to other disc levels.

For more information, please read, Spine Center Network: Key thoughts on artificial disc replacement, by Becker's Spine Review. 

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