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Several factors linked with conversion from ambulatory surgery to inpatient decompression

By Admin | November 16, 2022

CHICAGO — Results showed several surgical and patient factors were significantly associated with conversion from ambulatory surgery to either outpatient or inpatient surgery in patients undergoing lumbar decompression.

Gbolabo O. Sokunbi, MD, and colleagues categorized patients undergoing one- or two-level lumbar decompression surgery between January 2019 and March 2020 into three groups based on length of stay: ambulatory surgery, observational outpatient surgery (less than 48-hour stay) or inpatient surgery (staying more than 48 hours). Researchers collected demographic data, comorbidities, surgical information and administrative information to compare differences between groups.

“Of the 1,096 patients, 42% were ultimately true [ambulatory surgery] AMS-type patients, 44% were observational or outpatient type surgeries, and 14% were ultimately converted to inpatient status and the most common reason across the board was pain management in these patients,” Sokunbi said.

Gbolabo O. Sokunbi
Gbolabo O. Sokunbi

Sokunbi noted patients who needed more bony or soft tissue work and patients with higher American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classification or a Charlson Comorbidity Index of two or greater had a higher risk...(More)

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