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Robotic-assisted Surgery Successfully Removes a Rare Tumor

By Admin | May 09, 2018

Noah Pernikoff, a young American, is back to his daily life in New York City after becoming the very first patient in the world to go through a complex three-part, robotic-assisted surgery. The robotic arms made the surgery possible for the multidisciplinary team at Penn to remove a rare tumor from Noah’s neck successfully. The tumor was removed from the junction where the skull meets the spine. This ground breaking surgery was completed by a team of many surgeons which is led by Dr. Neil Malhotra, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in the August of 2017 over a span of two days and more than 20 hours.

Improved Technology and Advanced Medical Approach Shows Way Forward

Chordoma refers to a very rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull base and spine. A chordoma tumor generally grows slowly and is often asymptomatic for years. In the case of 27-year-old Noah Pernikoff, a car accident that took place in 2016 revealed his surprising diagnosis.

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