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By Admin | September 23, 2019

San Diego, California-based NuVasive, Inc. has announced the commercial launch of Modulus TLIF-A, a porous titanium spine implant engineered for the transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) procedure. This completes the NuVasive’s Advanced Materials Science (AMS) portfolio for all major posterior interbody fusion techniques used in TLIF.

"The Modulus TLIF-A system is the perfect synergy between optimized material properties and deliverability," said Jeffrey L. Gum, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at the Norton Leatherman Spine Center. "The lattice design allows for improved imaging characteristics, a prime environment to promote fusion and an ideal modulus of elasticity. Additionally, the system optimizes surgical workflow by utilizing a single instrument for implant insertion and articulation."

For more information please read, NUVASIVE LAUNCHES POROUS TITANIUM TLIF IMPLANTS, by Orthopedics This Week.

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