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North Texas Independents come together to get value based contracting.

By Admin | August 03, 2016

Over 1,300 independent primary care doctors and specialists have come together as part of a new clinically integrated network, TXCIN, in order to obtain value based contracts from large insurance companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Cigna.

The formation of TXCIN is the latest example of independent practices fighting to have the same access to contracts and services that hospital-affiliated practices can more easily obtain.

“Physicians who are making decisions to stay independent now have a really robust number of other independent physicians to work with in both primary and specialty care to achieve success in value-based contracts,” said Jim Walton, President and CEO of Genesis Physicians Group, who will head TXCIN. “And they don’t have to stop being part of something they’re very comfortable with. They can balance this with their fee for service contracts.”

To learn more about who is involved with TXCIN and how it will positively impact patients, read “North Texas Independents Have a New Network For Value Based Contracting” from D Healthcare in D Magazine.

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