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Mergers and Healthcare’s Future

By Admin | November 27, 2017

When CVS, the well known pharmacy chain, considered purchasing Aetna, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, it shed some light on the future of American healthcare.

Robert J. Samuelson economics writer for the Washington Post, interviewed Dan Mendelson, president of health-care consulting company Avalere, about how similar mergers could shift healthcare’s future.

Mendelson believes that care providers like CVS and insurers like Aetna have much to gain from one another. By becoming the same company, they could use one another’s data bases and technologies to keep tabs on individual’s health, even promoting services like flu shots and improving overall well being.

He also sees the trend of patient outcomes outweighing patient volume continuing, which is also driving so many mergers and acquisitions. And the change of Amazon, Google and other large tech firms getting involved in healthcare is inevitable.

As for costs dropping, only time will tell.

To read more details about Mendelseon’s predictions, read “Is this the future of health care” by the Washington Post.

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