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'It's like a shakedown': Payers, providers ditch the hushed voices in their fights

By Admin | November 24, 2022

If payer-provider disputes were a reality TV show, just a few years ago viewers would have been hard to come by. 

The occasional conflicts that emerged during contract negotiations were hardly discernible to the public, shrouded behind closed doors and backroom deals. To industry insiders, information about impasses was dressed in corporate speak, void of meaningful detail and communicated with an air of coolness by both parties. If the stalemates over reimbursement rates dragged on for long enough or presented enough risk to patients and consumers, they'd warrant headlines for several weeks before outside pressure drove the parties to compromise. 

Today, the acrimony in payer-provider disputes is increasingly palpable and recasts what were once sterile, short-lived plotlines into a series of drawn out sagas. The protagonists and antagonists may vary depending on who you ask, but the victims are always the same: the patients. And as of late, payer-provider fallouts are affecting more and more of them. 

At the Becker's Hospital Review CEO + CFO November event in Chicago, hospital and health system leaders compared cost-cutting ideas amid the current financial environment, such as rescheduling window cleanings from once a month to once a quarter, and remarked that they find it difficult to sympathize with health insurers and their deep pockets. One CEO went so far as to note...(More)

For more info please read,'It's like a shakedown': Payers, providers ditch the hushed voices in their fights, by Becker's Payer Issues

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