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How to Prepare for Invasive Neurosurgery

By Admin | January 04, 2022

Neurosurgery is a specialty focusing on procedures of the spine and brain. From complex brain tumors to spinal fusion, invasive neurosurgery comes with unique risks, worries and questions. From the signs and symptoms of a brain tumor to The overwhelm of a surgical procedure is compounded by the scope of brain or spine surgery, and many patients are eager for answers to the most common question—What can I do to prepare for neurosurgery?

It’s important to examine the practical, day-to-day solutions that will alleviate stress during your recovery and plan for the appropriate assistance when you’re discharged from the hospital. Once surgery is complete, recovery should be the primary focus, and understanding the limitations and timeline for healing will support health and wellbeing. 

“The success of any surgery begins with preparation,” says Dr. Wilson Asfora" href="" target="_self" rel="follow external" data-wpel-link="external">Wilson Asfora, MD, a prominent neurosurgeon who has performed lifesaving and life-improving procedures for his patients suffering from debilitating neurological injury and disease. “A patient who prepares—both body and mind—for the procedure and recovery, has a leg up in the healing journey. We must do our best to educate our patients and prepare them for the best possible recovery.”

Things to Consider Prior to Invasive Neurosurgery

From the moment surgery is recommended until you arrive on the day of the procedure, you have the opportunity to best prepare yourself for a positive outcome. Your doctor will advise you on the ideal steps to prepare, and that advice may include...(More)

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