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Dr. Wael Barsoum: What the Biden presidency could mean for orthopedics

By Admin | December 23, 2020

As an orthopedic surgeon and veteran healthcare executive, Wael Barsoum, MD, sees the Biden administration taking steps to accelerate population health in orthopedics.

Dr. Barsoum is the former president of Cleveland Clinic Florida and current president and chief transformation officer at Phoenix-based HOPCo, a provider of musculoskeletal value-based outcomes, orthopedic service line and practice management. Here, he discusses his outlook for orthopedics in the coming years and what the Biden presidency could mean for the field.

Question: What effect do you anticipate the Biden presidency will have on orthopedics?

Dr. Wael Barsoum: President-elect (Joe) Biden campaigned heavily on refining and expanding the Affordable Care Act with the addition of a public option, calling it 'BidenCare.' If BidenCare is similar to what we saw a decade ago, then far more people will have access to health insurance, and in turn, utilization will likely increase. In the musculoskeletal space, this may mean that many patients who are in need of care, but were uninsured or underinsured, may now have increased access through the expansion of...(More)

For more information please read, What the Biden presidency could mean for orthopedics, by Becker's Spine Review

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