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Deloitte’s 18 trends in global healthcare for 2017

By Admin | February 22, 2017

Deloitte, global network of auditors, consultants, risk management professionals, and more, have published their report of the 18 trends they see happening in healthcare for this year. Here we have provided the top five.

  1. Continued healthcare defragmentation focused on consolidation and connectivity
  2. Moving from the "break-fix" model to prevention and predictive maintenance in both the public and private sectors
  3. Value-based care models taking precedence over volume with appropriate penalties and bonuses
  4. Quality, services, and policies will not be able to keep up with a rapidly aging population
  5. Access to chronic disease care will vary worldwide, with availability being an issue for developing and emerging countries

For the remaining predictions, read “Deloitte: 18 trends in global healthcare for 2017” from Becker’s Spine.

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