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Deformity Correction: Laratta vs Buchholz: Anterior Versus Posterior

By Admin | May 06, 2020

This week’s Case Debate Series, hosted by NuVasive, Inc., features a spirited debate regarding the preferred thoracolumbar procedure approach: anterior or posterior? Dr. Joey Laratta, orthopedic surgeon at Norton Letterman Spine Center, argues on behalf of the anterior-approach, highlighting minimally invasive anterior based surgery for adult degenerative scoliosis patients, and Dr. Avery Buchholz, neurosurgeon at University of Virginia, presents the argument in support of the posterior approach, highlighting posterior-only surgery for the same patient population. Today’s moderator is Dr. Reg Haid of Atlanta Brain and Spine Care.

For more information please read, Deformity Correction: Laratta vs Buchholz: Anterior Versus Posterior, by Orthopedics This Week

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