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Crowdfunding sites are loaded with health care

By Admin | August 02, 2017

Crowdfunding sites were started to help people raise money for causes, whether it was taking donations for a race, trying to get some money for school, or doing something nice for someone else. But attempting to raise money for medical services quickly became a popular topic, and the trend isn’t going anywhere.

CEO of GoFundMe Rob Sullivan even credits the medical category for getting the company off and running.

Nerdwallet reports that GoFundMe raised $2 billion for causes in 2015, $930 million of which was for medical purposes.

GiveForward, which was recently purchased by YouCaring, reported that 70 percent of their fundraisers were for medical campaigns.

There’s big money in campaigning for causes. For example, Facebook has recently entered the category by offering users the ability to launch campaigns through their profiles. Facebook takes 6.9 percent of each amount donated and an additional 30 cents.

People aren’t simply asking for others to pay their medical bills. There are many other associated costs with illnesses and injuries. Rent, food, transportation, and everyday expenses can often get overlooked while someone is away from work or hospitalized.

Crowdfunding offers a way for individuals to care for one another when their jobs and insurance companies won’t.

For more, read “American Health Care Tragedies Are Taking Over Crowdfunding” by Bloomberg.

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