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Brain signal discovery may let Parkinson's patients sleep through brain surgery

By Admin | May 09, 2018

As if the prospect of neurosurgery isn't daunting enough, the idea of having to remain awake for the procedure is enough to turn many Parkinson's disease sufferers off potentially life-changing deep brain stimulation surgery altogether. But now researchers at the Bionics Institute in Melbourne have discovered a unique brain signal that might allow electrodes to be inserted at the correct location in the brain without the patient being conscious.

Deep brain stimulation, whereby electrode implants stimulate specific parts of the brain, can significantly reduce Parkinson's symptoms, including tremors, muscle stiffness and slowed movement. However, to ensure the electrodes are positioned correctly, patients have needed to remain awake through the implantation surgery as the higher level of brain activity helps guide the surgeons.

To read more, "Brain Signal Discovery may let Parkinson's Patients Sleep through Brain Surgery" by New Atlas.

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