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Arkansas Neurosurgeon Successfully Implants His 400th ENZA-A Titanium ALIF Implant

By Admin | July 16, 2021

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.-- Camber Spine, a leading innovator in spine and medical technologies, has announced that Dr. James B. Blankenship, MD, a neurosurgical specialist practicing at the Neurosurgery Spine Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has now successfully implanted his 400th ENZA-A Titanium ALIF implant.

Camber Spine’s ENZA-A ALIF implant is an all titanium, 3D-printed construct with inferior and superior surfaces specifically designed with a controlled, trabecular pattern to create an environment for fusion to occur. The deliberately designed surface includes pores averaging 500µm in diameter – the optimal environment for arthrodesis to occur.

ENZA-A utilizes a unique anchoring system that consists of two, sharpened, anchor plates that translate from within the device in an angular superior and inferior direction to fixate the device securely to the adjacent vertebrae by providing immediate stability. Its inserter instrument consists of a slim profile with few components allowing for a simpler configuration and direct visualization of implantation.

“I have been a practicing spinal surgeon for over 30 years,” said Dr. Blankenship, who performed the first ENZA-A insertion about two years ago. “And the ENZA-A implant is by far the best implant I have used. The system eliminates the need for plating and thus the inherent risk of injury to surrounding structures. My average time for insertion after disc preparation is less than 5 minutes. The surface design allows immediate bony integration not only through the windows but to the surface of the implant itself. Since going to this implant, my subsidence rate has essentially gone to zero compared to other PEEK implants I have used in the past that had integrated plates or screws.”

“Also, if revision is needed the insertion mechanism makes this very easy to...(More)

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