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A Cheaper Plan with Fewer Benefits

By Admin | July 24, 2017

The proposed healthcare bill that’s dominating headlines needs 50 votes in the house to pass. As of now, it won’t get those 50 votes.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz included an amendment that would permit insurers with Obamacare plans to also offer cheaper plans with less benefits. The possibility of these bare-bones policies was intended to lure hesitant Republicans, but could scare away moderates. The fear is that those with pre-existing conditions would have higher premiums.

In addition, the bill would rid many of the taxes included in Obamacare, but keep two, while also making significant cuts to Medicaid. By 2026, 15 million fewer people could receive healthcare through this option.

To read what some Senators are looking for before they vote, read New GOP health care bill could allow cheaper plans with fewer benefits” by CNN.

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