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Our Dallas staff welcomes you to our site.  We want you to know our top priority is you

What exactly do we do?  AXIS Neuromonitoring of Dallas provides intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) services to patients, doctors and hospitals. Our skilled on-site technologist uses the best technology and equipment available to monitor the neurological responses of our patient and to transmit the data real time via online connection to our physician.  With this data, our staff can instantly communicate directly to the surgeon to let him or her know of any issues with our patient's neuro pathways or nerve systems.  This information is critical to the surgeon who may be repairing a nerve or needing to avoid one.

We use only the finest monitoring equipment and software. Our clients deserve nothing less.  That is why AXIS Neuromonitoring of Dallas continually reviews the latest developments in IONM technology ensuring we work with first class systems.  Having the highest quality equipment gives us that edge that protects our patients and leads more surgeons to recommend us.

Another reason why we are continually recommended for more and more surgeries is our staff.  We love coming to work.  It shows each and every day in our performance.  Our team building exercises form close bonds among all of us.  Each member of the AXIS Neuromonitoring of Dallas team is highly trained and committed to being the best.  You will see what we mean when we work for you.

When you combine the best equipment with the best staff, the best training and the best education, you have AXIS Neuromonitoring of Dallas.  Discover the excellence of AXIS Neuromonitoring of Dallas.  Contact us now at 888.344.2947 now to set up a time for your procedure.